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Harald 2010-11-12 09:06:20
It's like a dream: your beauty and the beauty of your tender bare feet, that can resist even snow! Thank you for sharing!

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The dawn of the day

At the end of the day Masha decided to relax and forget about the boyfriend she had been waiting for.. She bought some bier. She leaned her elbows on the stairs, stretched her bare feet to give them rest. You can find here a number of beautiful close-ups of dusty Masha's feet and, of course, a 5-min videoclip!

2004-07-30 10:50:07

On the boulevard. Part 2

When Masha understood, that her friend wouldn't come, she was very disappointed. She slowly walked along the boulevard feeling the cold pavement with her bare feet. Then she went to the shop to buy a drink. You can also enjoy a 5-min videoclip with Masha.

2004-07-14 07:54:58

On the boulevard

Masha was waiting for a date, but her boyfroiend late. Though ground was quite warm, Masha's feet began to get cold and tired, as she had been waiting for her friend for half an hour. She sat at the bench and stretched her legs to give them rest.
You can also enjoy a 5-min video-clip, where Masha is waiting for her friend and going here and there in impatience.

2004-07-01 08:08:55

A bench in the park

These are maybe the last showy photos of this season! It is quite warm in the street now and the spring in going on. So one can hardly beleave that on that winter day it was -8Ñ in the street. Inspite of such cold weather, Masha heroically posed on the bench in the park.

2004-03-11 16:31:42

A winter fairy tale

Masha looks like a barefooted fairy on snow. She is so tender and aerial that is seems that she came from a fairy tale. Enjoy this winter miracle on the eve of spring!

2004-02-06 10:27:15