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Bare feet and the City. Part 4.

In this photoset you can see Alla, posing her sexy feet in different ways close to camera. She is dancing in front of the camera so, that you can enjoy every line on her soles. Her heels and toes are very dirty after the walk and are covered with dust.

2006-08-23 20:18:13

Bare feet and the City. Part 3.

Here you can enjoy Alla's sexy feet on close-up pisc. Look at every line on the soles! Admire ter dirty toes and heels! The photographer managed to show Alla's pretty soles from all the sides.

2006-08-15 20:22:56

Bare feet and the City. Part 2.

After the shopping in the market, Anna went to the metro. People in the metro looked at Anna with great interest - she was the only person, who was without shoes there. To say more, the girl's soles turned black with dirt and dust. While Anna was getting to her station. our photographer made pretty pics of her feet and soles.

2006-07-26 20:34:59

Bare feet and the City. Part 1.

The best way to relax after a hard working day for a woman in the City - is to take off the damn shoes and to go shopping. While the feet are having a massage by asphalt and sand, the woman can calmly think about new sexy dress or body-cloth to charm her man in the evening. Alla caused a flurry among the sellers in the market - everyone wanted to have been photoed with her.

2006-07-15 09:19:26

Barefoot garage adventure

After the stuffy garage Alla went to the years to breathe the frosen air. The sticky snow cooled her feet, sticking to the girl's soles. When the feet became quite cool, Alla returned back to the garage, where posed her dirty and wet feet, putting them out of the car pane.

2005-05-26 19:16:11

Barefoot garage adventure. Part 2.

Alla wanted to learn how to handle a car. And her first lesson was in a car repair shop. But as she managed to come to the lesson in a cute boots, she had to put them off on the threshold of the garage. Technical oil covered the girl’s soles and the girl stuck to the oily feet. Alla was told that if she wanted to learn how to repair a car, she first had to clean it. So sliding with oily feet over the slippery floor she began to clean the car.

2005-05-08 07:31:05

Barefoot in the rain. Part 4.

It was very strange sight for the shop assistants to see a barefooted girl in the shoe shop..But Alla didn't choose any shoes. She just looked at them and left the shop without any purchase. In the street Alla rinse her feet in a puddle. You can find a number of high quality close-ups

2004-08-15 16:26:01

Barefoot in the rain. Part 3.

While Alla was walking along the streets, the rain was over. The asphalt became dry and there wee only puddles. When Alla stepped into them she left wet footprints. As the day was going to be long, she decided to visit a shop.

2004-07-26 20:22:34

Barefoot in the rain

After the railway station, Alla went to the upedestrian subwayþ The cold pavement of the subway was very dirty and as soon as Alla left it, the cleaned her toes. After that Alla went to a cafe to have a bottle of bier and to give rest to her feet.

2004-07-09 20:02:08

At the railway station

Alla arrived from the countryside to Moscow on a cloudy rainy day. But she left her shoes at home and all the way she had towalk barefooted. In train Alla drew her feet closer to herself to make them warmer and looket into the window, wondering how she would go through the puddles without shoes! But as soon as she left the train, her feet got used to the warm and wet asphalt and to warm puddles.
She opened her umbrella and went to the station.

2004-06-28 18:25:57

Glass walking. Part 3. Lena

It was the first Lena's experience of glass walking. Her tender feet were not used to the sharp surface of glass, so every her motion was very careful and slow. The crack of the glass first embarrassed her, but every other step was more and more certain. This gallery contains one 7-min videoclip!

2004-04-19 14:50:38

Barefoot Summer

The photos made last summer in the center of Moscow. Three girls walked in the park and after that went to the shop. They don't need any shoes, do they? ;)
You can also enjoy 2 video clips (5 and 8 minutes, the girls walking in the park and barefoot shopping)

2004-04-01 20:27:25

Glass walking. Part 2. Tatyana

The first girl, who dared to walk on glass was Tatyana. Tatyana is a real barefooter. You can easily find her on the streets of her naitive city Saint Peterburg, walking without shoes not only in summer, but in spring and autumn. Here you can see a behind the scene video clip that was made during the photo session. As it is Marina's first experience in making video, she hopes you'll appreciate it and promises that next time the quality of video will be much more better... ;)) "For me it wasn't a problem to take a step on the glass. I understood how should I relax my feet to walk on glass. It was even a pleasure for me because I got used to walk barefooted all the summer long. I am a student and every summer after the semester exams I like take off my shoes and walk on the streets or ride a hourse. Sometimes I and my friends make several days barefoot camping trips near St. Peterburg and Petergoff.
Sometimes when I walk without shoes in a crowded place people pay attention to my bare feet. I like to watch the men's admiring glances and to to challenge the critical glances of the passers-by.

2004-03-17 20:36:12

Glass walking

Trying to make you wishes come true we taught our girlg to walk on glass. Just look how beautiful it is when a little defendless foot defeats cold and sharp glass... Here is the first part of 3-series gallery of glass-walking. the girls are just prepearing to stand on to the next series there will be not only glass-walking but the girls' impressions as well...
Don't be affraid, the main theme of the site is girls walking barefoot in natural conditions, but sometimes we'll make this galleries to make the site more versatile. All your wishes and comments you can write in our forum or to our e-mail:

2004-03-04 12:27:55