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Barefoot end of summer. Part 4.

Karina felt tired after the long walk. Her soles became black with dirt and her feet ached. It was high time to return back home. The passing-by people cast their glances at the barefoot girl. As Karina was very hungry, first she went to a stand with sweet things and then rested herself on the observation site of the Vorobjevy Gory. Here you can find beautiful close-up pics of Karina's dusty soles.

2005-11-16 22:00:15

Barefoot end of summer. Part 3.

This time Karina exposes her sexy feet on the golden autumn leaves. She dances among the tree and stirs the leaves and the autumn dirt with her toes and her soles turn blask with dust and mud. The photographer managed to make some excellent close-up shots and a wonderful video-clip of this autumn session. So you can enjoy every dusty line of Karina's soles and follow graceful motion of her sexy bare feet.

2005-11-02 11:23:39

Barefoot end of summer. Part 2.

Sexy Karina was walking along the path without shoes on her feet, rustling the leaves with her bare soles. The autumn mud stuck tightly to her tender skin, making her soles temptingly filthy. Even a deep puddle couldn't wash out the mud off her toes. At least she came to a deserted building site. She naughtily posed to our camera in front of the window, showing us her muddy soles. Enjoy also close-up pics of Karina's dirty feet!

2005-10-11 18:53:12

Barefoot end of summer

On this last summer sunny day Karina went for a walk. First she thought it would be quite cold so she put on her shoes and walk to the street. But in the metro it occured to her that it would be better if she took off her shoes. The filing of cool metro floor made her feet relax. And the fact the men around look at her with increasing interest made her horny. She went on walking on the street enjoing the cool asphalt and sharp gravel whith her tender soles.

2005-10-01 19:15:39