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Pretty filthy feet. Part 5

Very nice and young Luba takes a walk round the citiesÂ’ park barefoot collecting a lot of dirt on her feet. Then she sits down on a white clean bench and poses in front of our all-seeing cameras. She seems to be very exiting by showing us her tough feet all covered with mud and dirt. Luda poses lying on a snow-white bench, turning round from time to time, to show her ass together with her feet.

2007-09-09 19:30:23

Pretty filthy feet. Part 4

Enjoy Luba, walking barefoot in metro here. People around look with astonishment at the barefoot girl, because, barefooting is not a common thing in Moscow metro. The girl's feet are still dirty after the city barefoot walk.

2007-08-27 07:40:40

Pretty filthy feet. Part 3

ter the foot show, Luba had a smoke and put out a cigarette on her tender soles. Soon she went on with her barefoot walk along the streets and in the metro. The photographer mesnwhiles ade excellent shots of the girl's soles.

2007-08-20 20:27:29

Pretty filthy feet. Part 2.

The barefoot walk went on and soon Luba's feet became black with dirt. The passers-by looked with interest at the barefoot girl, as it was still cool in the street. To warm herself up, Luba decided to have a smoke. And she put out the cigarette with her bare filthy soles.

2007-08-14 19:10:59

Pretty filthy feet. Part 1.

The day was quite cold. But Luba took off her boots to have a barefoot experience. Her feet, tender and soft, soon became filthy. Luba with pleasure posed her dirty soles to the camera. So you can enjoy some breathtaking close-up shots here.

2007-08-07 14:33:29