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Sexy soles in the city. Part 4.

At the end of her barefoot walk Lena decided to show her feet to the passers-by from all the sides. The foot-show, that she arranged on the street, was really breathtaking and wonderful. The photographer managed to make great photos of the girl's soles so close, that everyone could see all the lines on them. The soles and toes were dark with dust after the barefoot walk.

2009-05-15 19:57:35

Sexy soles in the city. Part 3.

During her walk Lena found out that she had no money on her mobile phone. So she had to go to the mobile operator's office to put some money to her phone. On her way there was a heap of fresh ground. The girl could find easy and more clean way, but she was never affraid of dust and dirt. And her soles, surely became dirty and black.

2009-04-28 19:29:51

Sexy soles in the city. Part 2.

Pretty girl left the metro, where she was without shoes. Her soles were already dark with dust. The weather was wonderful - perfect for a barefoot walk! The asphalt was warm and soft - a real pleasure for pare soles! So Lena was walking along the streets, relaxing her pretty soles.

2009-04-15 05:27:45

Barefoot in metro. Part 1.

Lena enered the metro. Her feet were bare and her soles were already dirty. She posed her feet and soles to the camera on the escalator, on the platform, in the coach. The passangers looked at the barefoot girls and smiled. A man even spoke to Lena and asked her phone ;)

2009-03-31 19:31:28

Barefoot trips to Russian towns. Tula.Part 2.

The barefoot tripto Tula was going on. The girls had visited almost all places of interest. People looked at our girls with interest. Some were eager to make the acquaintance of them. They admired our pretty girls and enjoyed their dirty bare feet.

2008-12-03 22:11:57

Barefoot trips to Russian towns. Tula. Part 1.

That weekend the weather promised to be sunny and hot. That was good chance for our barefoot beauties to relax their feet and have a barefoot journey. All the way to Tula the girls showed their dirty soles to the passengers and made pretty pics of them. 2 hours later they were in Tula. The first thing they did - they went to the hotel and left their luggage there. As soon as they were free, they went to the town to see the most interesting places there.

2008-10-05 20:41:04

Barefoot trip to Mytishi.

This time our barefoot girls went to Mytishi, that is not far from Moscow. They took off their shoes at the railway station in Moscow to have a good barefoot day. The way to Mytishi took about 40 minutes and soon they were in the small town. The weather was wonderful and the girls took chance to see the places of interest. After a long walk along the town streets, the girls feet became dirty. They decided to have a rest in a park. There they found side-show and swings. The girls drived side-show cars, and after that their soles turned black and the passers-by enjoyed a breathtaking foot-show.

2008-08-04 10:22:48

Barefoot sport. Part 4.

After the gym the barefoot girls went back home. They left their feet bare and the girls' soles were getting even more dirty in the street. Lena and Maryana got to the market tp buy fruit, showed their sexy feet to the drivers and rested the feet on a bench. There our photographer made excellent close-ups of the babes' dusty soles.

2008-05-10 19:54:33

Barefoot sport. Part 3.

The barefoot girls left the gym tired, but happy. Their feet burnt with weariness. THe only way to relax the feet after the sport was... massage! Lena and Maryana caressed soles of each other, making them softer before the barefoot walk outside.

2008-04-25 18:43:40

Barefoot sport. Part 2.

The second part of the barefoot fitness are active exercises with fitballs.Though the girls' soles are not very dirty, the breathtaking close-ups attract glances and inspire everybody around with desire. That is the most sexual way of going in for sports!The girls touches each other with toes and soles, teasing the idlers with provocative laugh.

2008-04-16 19:22:15

Barefoot sport. Part 1.

To be barefoot everywhere - that is our barefoot girls' motto. So it is no surprise, that they do not put on their shoes even in the gymnasium. Lena and Maryana don't want to disturb the men, that go infor sports here, so they go to the gymnasium early in the morning, when there not many people there. By the way, have you ever thought, that there are such barefoot girls in your gymnasium too? ;) The only thing you should do to see them - is to go to the gym early in the morning. Maybe your endevour will be reward and you'll see sexy bare soles, running along the race track!

2008-04-07 20:40:45

Long barefoot travel. Part 2

The second day in Sergiev Posad was as reach and interesting, as the previous one. The girls were still barefoot and ready for further trip. They had spent the night in a hotel and now were looking forward to have a breakfast and continue their journey. Ira and Lena left their room (barefoot, of course) and went to the nearest cafe to have a snap. There they made pretty shots of their soles, that were getting even more dirty then a day ago. Soon after the breakfast the girls went to the park, where they gave real rest for their bare feet. The girls really liked this small town and their barefoot experience, but it was time to return back home. They posed their sexy soles a little at the railway station and soon a train to Moscow took them away from this hospitable town.

2008-03-30 18:10:24

Long barefoot travel

Two best friends – Lena and Irina start their long journey at the railway station in Moscow, they want to visit gorgeous city named Sergiev Passad. Girls take their shoes off right in the beginning of their journey and decide to travel barefoot. They spent in a big line to buy tickets and head towards the train. After they get on the train, ladies demonstrate gorgeous footshow and walk all around the train barefoot. As soon as they arrive, ladies walk out the train and start their trip thru the city. Ladies visit places of interest and walk around the town with their feet absolutely naked, taking in the consideration that it is a pretty cold day. After a long trip around the city, ladies come to one of the biggest hotels in town to get a room. They get to their room to have some rest and get ready for some more walking. Lena and Irina leave their room and head straight to the city’s stunning park to take a look at the very famous and beautiful church. Girls get extremely tired after such a long hard day, so as soon as they get back to the hotel, they demonstrate their dirty feet and get ready to go to sleep.

2008-02-02 17:29:16

Kinky red feet step on the dirty road

Gorgeous Russian beauty Lena continues her fine walk across the town all covered in snow. Lena comes close to a very dirty road and steps onto the asphalt with her exquisite strong naked feet. After walking along the road, Lena decides to get some rest and walks closer to the nearest bench. Lena takes her lovely wet feet up and demonstrates delicious footshow.

2008-01-21 17:25:29

Tough pink feet on Russian snow

Very sexy Russian chick Lena leaves her house for a nice walk across the town. She leaves her shoes at home and walks out barefoot. It is very cold in Russia during winter, but that doesn’t stop delicious young Lena enjoy her lovely trip. She steps on that freezing snow with her tough and almost red feet. Lena seems to be enjoying it a lot.

2008-01-13 22:11:04

Soles on the first snow. Part 1.

It is always difficult to have a barefoot walk on the first snow, because feet are not used to this experience after the hot summer and warm boots. It is a real torture to leave the warm boots and step on the burning snow. The snow really seems to burn the skin, though there is no real frost and snow doesn't cover all the ground. For Lena it was twice difficult to walk barefoot on snow because she was not a real barefooter and winter barefooting for her was a unique experience. Soon after she took off her shoes, her soles became red with cold and the girl herself began to shiver. But soon she got used to the new feeling and even tried to get a kick out of first snow barefooting.

2008-01-06 22:07:33

Barefoot babes. Part 4.

At last two sexy barefoot babes arranged an exciting foot show right in the street. Their soles were covered with dust, as they had already walked without shoes for a long time. The girls showed with pleasure their pretty dirty feet to our camera, so you can enjoy every line on the skin of their soles.

2007-11-21 22:16:24

Barefoot babes. Part 3.

Luba and Lena arranged a breathtaking foot show in the center of the city. Their heels, black with dust, were clearly seen to all the passers-by and drivers. And of course, our photographer managed to make excellent close-up pics of the girls' sexy soles on the background of the noisy city!

2007-11-14 19:06:13

Barefoot babes. Part 2.

Our barefoot babes went to the shop. It is strange, but their bare feet were not a shock for the shop assistants. And though the girls' feet had become black with dust, it wasn't a shock for the passers-by, who were eager to take a closer look at two barefoot babes and their pretty dirty soles.

2007-11-06 19:59:54

Barefoot babes. Part 1.

These two hot sisters seem to like barefooting. Especially on a hot summer day during a stroll in the center of the city. Theis sexy soles is soon covered with a layer of dust. The girls examine each others feet and laugh at the dusty tracks on their skin.

2007-10-26 21:25:28