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Barefoot trips to Russian towns. Yaroslavl. Part 2

After the exciting river walk on a ship, the pretty barefoot travellers went for an excurtion to the town. the men, that passed by, smiled at our girls, talked to them and even photoed with them. The girls posed their pretty dirty feet all over the town and then went back to the hotel as it was just time to return to the railway station. On the way back they made some final shots in the train and oon the exciting trip was over.

2007-03-02 10:56:13

Barefoot trips to Russian towns. Yaroslavl. Part 1

This time our barefoot girls decided to go to Yaroslavl. It is not far from Moscow - so it took them for about 2 hours to get there. But the first thing the girls did in Moscow - they took off their shoes and continued their voyage without them. Later Asya confessed, that she put her shoes on several time. But she was cruelly panished for that - her feet didn't got used to the groung and sharp surfaces and she suffered each time, when she had to step on gravel or sharp stones.

2007-02-01 23:38:04

Romantic barefoot walk with a boyfriend. Part 4.

At the end of that romantic evening Asya showed her feet from all sides. And our photographer managed to make excellent close-up photos and video of that foot show. At home Asya's boyfriend helped his girl to wash the dirt off her pretty tired feet, caressing her dusty soles under the warm stream.

2006-05-22 18:51:07

Romantic barefoot walk with a boyfriend. Part 3.

After the sharp pebble, Asya and her boyfriend went to the soft grass. Asya's soles were made to walk themselves, because there were no sharp and uneasy things on the road and there was no risk to hurt oneself. Soon the couple encountered a picturesque pond, where Asya cooled her soles with pleasure. She also washed away all the dirt, that had appeared on her soles during the barefoot walk.

2006-05-12 20:40:39

Romantic barefoot walk with a boyfriend. Part 2.

Asya's boyfriend carried the girls shoes himself and Asya enjoyed the walk barefoot. The sharp gravel and hard roots massaged Asya's feet. Some pebbles hurt the girl's feet. And the swing was a real leasure for her soles. When Asya fell absolutely tired, her honey caried her on his hands, but didn't agree to give her the shoes back.

2006-04-17 20:39:07

Romantic barefoot walk with a boyfriend. Part 1.

I bet, some of you tried not once to take off the shoes from your girlfriends' feet during a walk. This fellow is lucky one - his girlfriend Asya really likes to walk barefoot and for him it is not difficult to make Asya take off her shoes. So he enjoys his girlfriend's bare feet very often. ;) And Asya shows off her pretty dirty feet with pleasure, walking along the smooth asphalt as well as along the sharp pebble.

2006-04-09 06:36:12

A barefoot shopping. Part 3.

In this photoset you can enjoy barefoot Asya, walking back to the market place. Just imagime the barefoot defenseless girl on an overcrowded market!! The passing-by people were criously looking at a girl without any shoes, challenging the norms of behaviour

2005-07-29 17:48:17

A barefoot shopping. Part 2.

The barefoot fashionable girl went shopping. She stopped at every butique, choosing closes and admiring costume jewellery. How do you think, will that pretty white shorts suit her black dirty bare feet and those pretty braslets accentuate her fine-moulded anklets? On a close-up pics you can see, how dirty her feet were, while Asya was walking in the butique centre. The mystical blue light in the shopping centre makes the photos more unusual.. ;)

2005-07-19 14:07:37

A barefoot shopping

Asya, loves shopping as all women do. So this time she went to the market place to look for some sexy clothes. And of course she left her shoes at home. She tried on the sun glasses and gazed at the furniture, at the same time sexily posing her dirty soles to the passers-by. But unfortunately, the salesmen did't like that their customers gazed not at the the goods, but at the charming barefoot girl. So, they asked Asya to put on her shoes or to leave the market...

2005-07-02 20:50:00

A barefoot night in the city. Part 3.

Alena dances near the floor lamp and her sexy grimmy soles are illuminated. What a pleasure to see high arches dancing in rays of soft yellowish light!
This set contains short 2 min. video clip

2004-11-01 10:58:28

A barefoot night in the city. Part 2.

Very beautiful night summer photos. You can also enjoy here a 3 min. video-clip and high-quality close-up photos

2004-10-22 12:53:01

A barefoot night in the city

It is so romantic to walk in the night in the center of Moscow. Alena and Asya went to walk without any shoes late in the evening. They sexually showed their feet, teased the passers-by with the dirty heels..Find herea video-clip and high-quality close-up photos.

2004-10-08 18:40:06

Night club gallery. Part 2.

The girls had a lot of fun all the evening long: they danced, listened to the music, played the billiard. It is high time to go home. But their feet are black with dirt. Will they put on the shoes on the dirty feet?

2004-02-24 09:05:50

Night club gallery. Part 1.

Last Saturday Alena and Asya went to the night club. They were waiting for that day all the week, Alena bought new boots, but, alas, they turned out to bee too tight... Was the evening spoilt or the girls had even more pleasure?

2004-02-16 20:38:00

The final set

I put here the last photos from this snow session. Also this gallery contains a video clip.

2004-01-24 10:55:24

Asya, Alena`s sister

Please, pay attention to sexy Asya`s feet! Here you'll find some nice closeups :)

2004-01-16 17:10:45

The snow session continues...

Two sisters posing on the snow. They show their feet, tumble, totter and having fun.. )) Their feet become red with coldness of snow.

2003-12-08 19:34:03

Bare feet on snow and small air-balloons

Meet our new model - Asy, Alena's sister.. )) She came to the photosession with Alena just to have a look and then was very excited with the sight and feelings of burning cold snow on the bare feet. So Asy decided to join her sister and to walk barefoot too.
We also made magnificant video of thein playing in the snow that will be awailable next update.. ;)

2003-12-01 09:50:13